Islay Limpet / Bells and Singers (edit) Live at the Union Chapel, 9th July 2016

The first new piece for a long time is a collaboration with film composer David Julyan.  He was invited to make some sea soundscapes for the final Daylight Music this summer at the Union Chapel and asked me to join him.  This upload is an edited version of our performance which David put together.  We played in a semi improvised way after a few rehearsals in the days leading up to the show on the 9th July 2016, using found sounds, loop pedals, Nord piano, synthesisers and other effects.  No laptops were used on this occasion. Some of the sea sounds were recorded by David at the Islay Limpet,  a prototype for the world’s first full life wave power plant.  The singers who appear later are moonlighting from the Singers and Lights piece I posted a while ago.  We played in between the various acts that day, the Hermes Experiment, Lisa Knapp and the Cecil Sharp House Folk Choir, all of whom performed music or songs inspired by the sea.  Hope you enjoy it…

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